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PGA Tour Veterans Jeff Gallagher and Craig Barlow of the High Performance Golf Institute

PGA Tour veterans Craig Barlow and Jeff Gallagher lead the High Performance Golf Institute at Lake Las Vegas and share how to play your best golf! Article By Brian Hurlburt, Las Vegas Golf Insider Understanding pressure is extremely important when it comes to playing quality golf–in more ways than one. The High Performance Golf Institute […]

Brendan Bergin Discusses The Correct Process For Properly Fitting & Selecting Your Putter

Brendan Bergin at HPGI

How Well Do You Line Up Your Putter? Choosing the correct putter consists of several variables, including the ability to properly align the putter.   The club design will have an impact on how well you can align the putter.  Factors such as head shape and size, length of the shaft, grip size, offset or straight […]

HPGI’s Craig Barlow Holds Record For The Longest “Putt” In PGA Tour History

Craig Barlow on cover of Golf World Magazine

It is a wonderful stat to own for sure, but Craig Barlow would prefer to “hold the record for the lowest score ever at a tournament, or the biggest winning margin.” Barlow, who started his rookie season on the PGA Tour in 1998, made 170 cuts, and who has earned over $5 million as a […]

Master Club Fitting Expert Brendan Bergin Discusses Loft On Your Putter

Brendan Bergin Loft on Putter Video at High Performance golf Institute

Brendan Bergin, the master club fitting expert and club technician who makes everyone’s game better here at The High Performance Golf Institute, recently produced an informative video on the importance of having the proper amount of loft on your putter, something most golfers do not consider when purchasing and fitting themselves for this very important […]