Master Club Fitter Brendan Bergin On Why Club Fitting Is Important

Recently master club-fitting professional Brendan Bergin of the High Performance Golf Institute at Reflection Bay Golf Club was interviewed by Brian Hurlburt, the Founder of

In their interview, they discussed the importance of checking your clubs for proper fitting and how this can have a dramatic impact on your scores.

“Everyone should get a club fit, and believe it or not, it’s the people who are starting with a higher handicap that usually should get fit because we can make the most amount of difference with them,” Bergin says. “For the average player, we can make the game much easier because we make the golf club fit them rather than trying to make a swing fit a golf club. We make sure that they’ve got something that’s going to help them get the ball in the air and get the ball to go straighter. The fitting will help them get a good feel about the swing so he or she can fall in love with the game like so many of us already have.”

To read Brian’s full interview, please click HERE


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