What Golf Pros and Doctors Have in Common is Critical – The Woman Golfer

Recently our own Brendan Bergin was featured in this blog post by Tracey Blake of The Woman Golfer, where she discusses with Brendan the maximizing of your golf game results through properly fitted golf equipment.

Tracey went on to explain that just like doctors in the medical field, professional club fitters such as Brendan here at The High Performance Golf Institute are much the same way:  “Just as surgeons specialize— heart, hand, brain, etc.— now so do those who work with us to improve our games.  They’re equivalent to our golf doctors.  There are teaching pros, club fittings pros, short game, and putting specialists.  Can you use a single person for swing instruction, fitting, the short game and putting?  Sure.  But my experience, and those who have instructed me, which includes several nationally recognized teachers, agree recreational women players will get better results if you go to a specialist.  For the best clubs, that means a fitter.  And your instructor should talk to the fitter, just as your primary care doctor would talk to or send treatment notes to, say, your heart surgeon.”


To read the full article on The Woman Golfer, click HERE

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