How Often Should You Replace Your Grips?

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One of the most common questions we get asked is  “How often should you replace the grips on your clubs?

As a basic rule, the minimum should be once a year depending on how much you play and practice. The more often you practice and the more rounds of golf you play the more often you should change your grips.

It is also important to note that if you practice a lot, especially with wedges, you may need to replace your grips more often. For example, some players on the PGA tour may change their grips every 5-6 weeks. People who play once a week should look at changing out their grips 2-3 times a year. The oils on your hands, sweat, dirt, UV rays, temperature changes and other elements can all contribute to grip wear. Worn grips will become firmer than when you first had them installed and they tend to lose their original tackiness. When your grips lose their tackiness the smallest club slippage can have a great impact on squaring your clubface.

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Also when replacing grips you will want to consider BOTH the size and the texture of your grips.

Many golfers are not aware that golf grips come in a variety of sizes and textures. From undersized to standard and midsize, and all the way to jumbo sizes you have choices when selecting your golf grips. Additionally, you can also further adjust the grip sizes with additional build up underneath the grip to give you that perfect size in your hands.

Along with considering the size of your grip, you also now have many different textures available that suit your personal preference. Each player’s grip feel is different and it’s best to pick up and feel each one to see what you like best.

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The grip is the only place we are connected to the golf club and a great grip will give you confidence. Conversely, a worn grip can lead to excess tension in your hands, and when this happens this excess tension can then lead to the speed of the backswing increasing, the fullness of the backswing decreasing, and the results being a poor ball strike and a loss of distance.

If you take a look at your current grips and if they look shiny or you can see a wear mark from your top or bottom thumb it’s a sign the grips are in need of replacing. If you have been losing distance it might be a sign your grips are in need of replacement.

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