Brendan Bergin Discusses The Correct Process For Properly Fitting & Selecting Your Putter

Brendan Bergin at HPGI

How Well Do You Line Up Your Putter?

Choosing the correct putter consists of several variables, including the ability to properly align the putter.   The club design will have an impact on how well you can align the putter.  Factors such as head shape and size, length of the shaft, grip size, offset or straight hosels, and whether the putter has alignment lines (including where they are placed) all can play an important role in how well you naturally align the putter.

Many golfers choose a putter based on looks and feel, and these are important factors, however as Master Club Fitting Professional Brendan Bergin points out in the following video, certain putters will work better for each individual, and he demonstrates what to look for when you are considering purchasing a new one.  As you will see in Brendan’s demonstration, even though you think you are properly aligned to the hole, having the right putter design vs the wrong putter design makes a big difference, and we all know the importance of placing yourself in the best opportunity to make more putts.

The moral of this story is that we highly recommend that you get a proper putter fitting before you buy a new putter.

Brendan can be reached at the High Performance Golf Institute, located at Reflection Bay Golf Club.  You can call the shop at (702) 740-4653 to schedule an appointment.

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