HPGI is pleased to announce that Brendan Bergin has joined our staff as a master club fitter and club technician. Brendan is a world-renowned professional club fitting expert, traveling the professional golf tours for more than a decade working on the clubs of the best players in the world.

About Brendan:

Always a passionate golfer, I started working on golf clubs when a friend of mine who had worked out on the PGA Tour wanted to sell his equipment. I purchased the basics he had, along with some inventory, and started tinkering around building all types of clubs.

In 2005 I went to the Nationwide Event in Rancho Cucamonga, California, and started talking with the gentlemen working in one of the vans parked at the event. This great person, Fernando Amourteguy, would later turn out to be my mentor as I made it out on the PGA, Champions, Nationwide/ & LPGA tour’s, attending many events with him over the following 8 years.

I was able to attend several US Opens and learn from the best club builders, players & coaches in the world. Part of this experience was understanding the “how and why” of club building and properly making adjustments for the individual player, in a similar manner as they did.

Being present on many of these tours while working with the top players in the game, allowed me to also work with and learn from many of the top club manufacturers, including Callaway, Cobra, Titleist, Nike, Cleveland, Taylor Made, Ping, and PXG.

In addition, working along with many of the major shaft companies also helped me understand how to maximize a player’s potential, for both graphite and steel shafts, based on their swing mechanics, swing speed, etc.

Being able to work with several of the best wedge builders and grinders out on tour also allowed me to learn how to grind wedges properly for each player so they get the best performance based on their game.

I am very pleased to be part of the High Performance Golf Institute and to have the ability to utilize the new Trackman 4 Golf Radar system, which provides intricate and valuable information for proper club fitting.  Our players and customers who have gone through our system have greatly enjoyed their experience and have truly the best fitting golf equipment for their game.  Couple this with phenomenal instruction from PGA Tour Players Jeff Gallagher and Craig Barlow, and you can see why HPGI is quickly becoming “the” best place for your golf improvement in Las Vegas!

Utilizing the data provided by the new Trackman 4, along with the knowledge and experience Brendan posses, HPGI can fit golfers of all abilities into the correct equipment based on a golfers height, weight, swing speed, physical limitations, etc. using the latest technology and years of experience in building the best golf clubs for every individual golfer.

Along with analyzing shaft flexes and weight, shaft lengths, lie angles and loft, the team at HPGI can also properly fit you with your wedges and putters, and will even help determine the best golf ball for you based on various factors, including your clubhead speed, compression, angle of attack and more.


HPGI preferred partners include: Trackman, Scotty Cameron putters, Evenroll putters, Callaway, Titleist, COBRA, PXG and numerous shaft options including: