I had to let you know thanks to Brendan Bergin, and the High-Performance Golf Institute at Reflection Bay, last week I shot two over par on the front nine at Las Vegas Country Club.  I know you don’t believe it, but I have a witness.  The work with Craig Barlow and the clubs fitted by Brendan are amazing.  For 50 years I have been repeating the same mistakes and just one fitting session and the lessons from Craig have really made quite a frustrating “career” great fun.

Thank you so much to the High-Performance Golf Institute at Reflection Bay, Craig Barlow, Brendan Bergin and Eric Dutt!

John F. Marchiano / Attorney at Law

Brendan, I wanted to thank you and tell you how impressed I was with your wedge fitting process.  You have a unique ability to get the right head, right shaft with the right bounce for the right player.  I was blown away with your skill and process based on the data and my response to your questions.  I was not completely convinced until we went outside to validate the fit.  WOW each wedge was on target both in distance and accuracy.  You asked me how easy was that?  I now have a new level of confidence with my wedges.  The hard part is just trusting and to know I have a great wedge game that is easy.  
Thank you!


Jim Jackson

I really like the process you go through when you fit clubs. You do a really good job finding the right combination for my style of play, and the putter fitting is amazing with the way you go through with a laser and mirror. The entire fitting is awesome.

Jackson Parrish

I’ve been going to Brendan for club fitting for 4+ years and each time he’s done an amazing job! He’s extremely knowledgeable and good at what he does so I always feel like my game is in good hands. He also explains what he’s doing and why while you’re being fitted, which I find very helpful. You definitely won’t be disappointed!


“This is my 13th winter camp. We visited Australia, Dubai, Thailand, and the USA. I have never seen or experienced a facility better built for Elite juniors and professionals to train on than that of Reflection Bay.

(Symes is a highly sought-after instructor, coaching many Korean golfers on the LPGA and PGA tours, including Na Yeon Choi (LPGA), US Open Champion, and world number 2 in 2012, Jennifer Song (LPGA), US Amateur Champion, and mid-Amateur Champion, Sang Moon Bae (PGA TOUR) and Si Woo Kim (PGA TOUR).

Robin Symes

I had a wonderful experience getting a custom fit set of irons with Brendan. I first scheduled in December 2019 and as luck would have it, I just wasn’t hitting the ball well during my session due to some lower back issues that plague me from time to time. Brendan was understanding and told to come back when things were going better. I took a few months off golf and came back ready in May 2020. After going thru multiple irons and multiple shafts we landed on a club and shaft that showed my average 7 iron shot as NINE yards more carry distance! The added bonus is that the shaft he got me into is much easier on my body to swing—so no more months off. I cannot wait to do the same with my driver and fairway woods. Thank you, Brendan, and the team at HPGI!!


I’ve been working with Brendan at HPGI in Lake Las Vegas/NV for the last few years.  His setup, technology, and personalized feedback to put me in the right equipment have been a game-changer for me.  Most recently, I spent multiple sessions testing out new driver shafts and new wedges.  Having the new equipment in my bag for the last couple weeks, I am already seeing a difference…tighter dispersion off the tee and controlled ball flight with the wedges.  Already looking forward to our next session!

CJ Martin

Brendan & HPGI,
Thanks for all your assistance with the building of my clubs and some fitting work in the bay. The clubs are great and performing according to the specs needed for me. You really know your stuff and I’m grateful for your assistance and workmanship on my clubs. You are meticulous in your work and I appreciate that type of detail to excellence. I promote you and the Tour Van to anyone that I come across that needs anything club related, from gripping work, Loft or Lie, extensions, cutwork, or grinding down a wedge, to fitting for a new shaft in the bay. You have and do it all! “You’re the Man” Keep up the good work.

Anthony Caiazzo

Brendan’s work is always spot on. The work he does and his attention to detail is hard to find these days. He’s not satisfied until everything is perfect. Recently I went in for loft and lie adjustments and he went club by club and confirmed changes with the use of TrackMan. Everything came out perfectly. Whatever you need. Grip change, reshaft, club fitting he can accommodate you. But, more importantly, you won’t find a nicer person.


Thanks for yesterday! Btw whatever you did to salvage my 3 wood till the other one gets here was perfect! It was great today. And whatever you did with the driver was awesome!

Anthony / AJ's Entertainment


Thank you so much Brendan for all your help. I so appreciated it! You have answered mental anguish questions I’ve had for the last year & released stress I’ve been feeling. A simple mis-used tennis term to hit the golf ball like hitting a “forehand top spin” has resulted in me yanking my swing left & closing down club face. I’ve simply lost all confidence in my swing and myself. Thank you for finally telling me it’s forehand top-spin DOWN THE LINE…it made so much sense, talk about an Ah-Ha moment🤩😁I’m thrilled! I can’t wait to go out tomorrow on the range to work on that swing and put it into play on Monday. God willing🤞🙏I pray it sticks & I’m going to love 💗 the weapons you suggested.

I will keep you posted!


I bought a new SIM driver head at 10.5 degrees. After going to Brendan to dial it in with my BB6x shaft, we determined I needed a lower lofted head as my numbers were sky high at roughly 160 feet. Fast forward a couple months later, I returned with a new 9 degree lofted head and my same BB6x shaft that I had been striping. At a loft of roughly 7.5 degrees, my numbers were great. Brendan liked my spin, spin loft, etc, though my peak height was still a bit high. After changing my weights around, we decided to try a new shaft he had just received, a GD XC6x, tipped one inch. The results were out of this world. My dispersion was reduced to nil and my misses were almost as good as my solid hits. At 104-106 SS, my carry averaged in the 275 range and I was blown away to see that my driver improved even more than it had when switching heads. Needless to say, I purchased the shaft on the spot. Overall, I can’t recommend Brendan enough for a fitting with any clubs. He’s definitely the best fitter I have gone to in Vegas, period.