PGA Tour Veterans Jeff Gallagher and Craig Barlow of the High Performance Golf Institute

PGA Tour veterans Craig Barlow and Jeff Gallagher lead the High Performance Golf Institute at Lake Las Vegas and share how to play your best golf!

Article By Brian Hurlburt, Las Vegas Golf Insider

Understanding pressure is extremely important when it comes to playing quality golf–in more ways than one. The High Performance Golf Institute (HPGI) at Lake Las Vegas is the place to go to be immersed in all things pressure, rhythm, patience and tension.

When asked to share their best golf tips or advice, both Craig Barlow and Jeff Gallagher, former PGA Tour players who are the stewards of the HPGI experience, were unanimous in their answers.

PGA Tour Veterans Jeff Gallagher and Craig Barlow of the High Performance Golf Institute

Las Vegas Golf Insider Reveals Lake Las Vegas Instructors Secret to Great Golf

Our High Performance Golf Institute at Lake Las Vegas continues to garner a strong reputation from top golfers and others in the golf industry, including Brian Hurlburt, founder of and longtime Las Vegas golf writer and author. Craig Barlow and Jeff Gallagher, our Tour pros and lead golf instructors, recently shared their top golf secret plus in depth information about our comprehensive teaching and practice facility.

“Play tension free” was their unanimous secret golf tip to help all golfers play their best golf. According to Barlow and Gallagher, who both played on the PGA Tour, it is a philosophy many amateurs overlook, but one that should be embraced.

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“It’s all about rhythm and lack of tension, Barlow shared in the article. “You shouldn’t squeeze the club too hard and grip pressure is a huge key in a golf swing. Rhythm is a very difficult thing to teach, but we focus on helping our players understand how to play with rhythm and that lack of tension. When I was playing on Tour, I was very aware of it and I know Jeff was, too. I think the reason why both of us had great rhythm was we had lack of tension. It’s impossible to have great rhythm when you have tension. If an amateur could jump inside of a Tour player’s body, they would be shocked about how free their tension is. I can guarantee you even Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka, who swing the club pretty violently, don’t have any tension in their swings.”

Gallagher also shared why he thought HPGI stands alone as a golf training and practice area.

“The best way to describe our facility is ‘unique’ because there is nothing else like it in our area where you have three or four different holes to learn the golf game along with everything else that is out here,” Gallagher said. “Generally, you’re at a country club or a public golf course where you’re hitting balls on a driving range and they may have a little small chipping green and maybe a bunker. Here, we have four different holes, a par three that we can hit full shots into, a hole you can hit driver on, plus short game areas with bunkers. Because of that, we can simulate all different types of shots, from rough-type lies to uneven lies, and any lies you may encounter during a round. The uniqueness of how our players can prepare and practice is what sets us apart.”

The HPGI is located at Lake Las Vegas, and the facilities include the Jack Nicklaus-designed Reflection Bay Golf Club, a state-of-the-art indoor teaching facility, plus the expansive Falls practice area that features grass driving ranges, full-length holes, short game and bunker areas, putting green, and several target greens that are perfect for simulated in-round practice. Barlow and Gallagher also utilize Trackman technology to dial in distance control during both indoor and outdoor sessions.

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