Master Club Fitting Expert Brendan Bergin Discusses Loft On Your Putter

Brendan Bergin Loft on Putter Video at High Performance golf Institute

Brendan Bergin, the master club fitting expert and club technician who makes everyone’s game better here at The High Performance Golf Institute, recently produced an informative video on the importance of having the proper amount of loft on your putter, something most golfers do not consider when purchasing and fitting themselves for this very important club in their bag.

As a world-renowned professional club fitting expert who has traveled the professional golf tours for more than a decade working on the clubs of the best players in the world, Brendan brings his wealth of experience in club fitting and combines it with the latest technology, including the new Trackman 4, to each client who is seeking to improve their games and scores here at HPGI.

If you want to make sure your equipment is properly fitted to your swing so you play your best game, contact Brendan at the High Performance Golf Institute by calling the golf shop at (702) 740-4653.

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